Back in Clinic. Book in now with our Kinesiologist.

You are invited to explore the watery depths of winter with Blue Lotus as she takes you on a journey to rebirth your soul at this darkest point of the year.


We will explore themes of emotional release, elemental balance and deep listening to the whispers of the soul to plant seeds of intentions for the coming year ahead.

Here we will sit in sacred ceremony as we honour the dark womb and connect to our own internal sun that guides us. This is a journey into Self, where we will connect to the body’s innate wisdom to balance the yin and yang energies within.  You will learn grounded tools and rituals to help balance your elemental body and harness fire/water alchemy to fuel your goals and desires. You will also be guided through a drum journey and receive a ceremonial pack worth over $100 to take home to support your integration.

In this ceremony we will work alongside Blue Lotus, the High Priestess who is the ultimate teacher of rebirth, as she takes you on a journey through the unconscious to help reclaim your inner soul light.

I am Katie -  a Kinesiologist, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Mother and Lover of Nature.  I teach others to live with animistic principles, connecting to all that is available around and within them. I am passionate about helping people come into remembrance of their true self and creating change in their world so that they are once again connected to their heart and body for conscious living.

I am a trained Ceremonialist specialising in Shamanic practice within the White Dragon Lineage. This is not a sharing circle.  It is a sacred ceremony that will be held in a Celtic medicine wheel offering a clean energetic space that invites the guidance of higher dimensional frequencies, allowing true divine healing to take place.

When: Sunday 23rd of June,  2:00pm - 4:30pm

Where: Mansfield, Victoria

Cost: $155 including ceremony pack