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This essence is part of a trinity pack that takes you on a journey of change and transformation flowing into expansion and re-birth.

It gives you the strength and empowerment to step into the next level of self, even when fear and doubt is present. Empowerment is a word tossed around frequently and it conjures up images of a warrior, mighty and protected. When we sense the word empowerment, we feel strong and a rising up against all that oppresses us. Whilst this feels true, empowerment is also quite simply a delicate balance of strength and vulnerability to show up to yourself no matter what perceived obstacles are in the way.

It is the ability to navigate the world with a strong centre, so strong in who you are that no battle or armour is required. This is the boundary that is called for, not as a separation from you and others, but a protection and commitment of who you be in this world. Vulnerability is the willingness to look at yourself with unhindered eyes and judgement free. To sit in the vulnerability of loss, unapologetically letting go of all that no longer serves you. Stand in the reverence of who you be and with a fearless heart, step through change into expansion. Find the warrior within.


‘With an empowered and expanded heart I step into all levels of me’

Key Themes:

Empowerment/ warrior energy

Change/ transformation

Strength/ vulnerability

Solar plexus chakra

Emotional/ behavioural disharmonies:

This can feel like powerlessness and a sense of helplessness in the face of adversity, fearful of change, self-doubt and can also represent those who feel the need to be stoical without giving themselves the permission to be vulnerable.

Supporting Frequencies: Fire/ water element, Pele, Butterfly Kachina, Cockatoo, Merkaba

Anointing Point: Solar plexus chakra

Dosage Amount: 5 drops per day under tongue. Can also be diluted in water, added to bath or placed on pulse points (back of wrist).