Our Story

Hello, I am Katie

It has been my dream for some time to create a way to help people and their families create change in their world through the energetic patterns and the frequencies they hold in their bodies, which ultimately create their outer world.

As a mum of three young children myself, I understand the journey of forever looking for solutions to help the family dynamics and harmony and simultaneously work on your own soul growth. 

Being a Kinesiologist, I spent many years working on the symptoms and patterns of my physical body.  Trying to ‘fix it’ through external solutions of supplements, exercise, diet which yes all play a big contribution to our physical make up but not the entire picture.  No matter how hard I tried to achieve ‘hormonal balance’ I could not shift my body’s reactivity process to my emotions and external environment.  Likewise trying to ‘fix’ my children’s perceived issues through focusing on the problem similarly did not work.  This is because we focus on the symptom or emotional response to the issue at hand rather than looking at the desired state and frequency we’d like to bring forth.

Our physical body responds to our emotional and energetic frequency.  Our nervous system is hardwired as the forefront and integration point of our energy body.  Vibrational medicine works on the energy body and bringing in the desired frequency by anchoring it into the physical body allowing us to shift vibrationally.  Everything in the universe operates through a vibrational energy and can be measured to a hertz frequency.  Even the hardest and most solid structures of the world can be scientifically measured.  So too can our energy body.  As we shift the vibration, so too does our physical and emotional body in response to this.

In turn, nature offers us healing capacity through decoding the energy frequencies that require us to integrate and move with mother earth.  Every element, plant, tree, animal and planetary alignments offer us different capacities for change.  Working with nature is our saviour to shift through this ever-changing world.

It was my vision before moving to this property on the Mornington Peninsula to have a magickal space to work with nature and all that it offers to create a range of vibrational medicine to help people awaken and shift to integrate the new frequencies birthing forth into the world.  As I worked on my own self and children I could see the difference it made and wanted to share an easy and effective way to create change without perpetually looping in the cycle of pain, focusing on the past or getting stuck in the lower vibrational frequencies that exist to keep us the same.  Nature has been a guide since the depths of time and the ancients knew this, allowing the properties of nature and the intricacies and inter-connectedness of all help alchemise our way forward.  This co-creative process has been a dream come true and an honour to work with mother earth in all her beauty. 

These essences have been designed to work both singularly and as a key together to unlock and dismantle the subconscious mind to give you the unbounded freedom to be yourself in it’s truest form.  It is a journey and commitment of self to reveal all parts and claim back your true sovereign self.

My children's range offers something different again and holds a unique frequency to this generation who are energetically quite open and vibrationally different to us. This can sometimes be the challenge for parents today as they do not necessarily respond to the upbringing or authority structures that we are so conditioned by.

I hope you enjoy these products and the journey back to self that they bring.

If you would like to have a booking with Katie Anderson for kinesiology, please contact her at her website.

Much love x