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This essence is part of a trinity pack that helps activate the new frequencies bringing you further into the full expression of self.

This essence allows one to broaden their perspective from the individual's story to the expansive energies available through universal wisdom. The universe is always communicating through symbols and codes. It is the lesson of all of us through this time to step out of our story and understand our place in the collective evolution. Through an open-heart space and an anchoring into one's own personal power, comes the ability to expand your awareness. Flying above this third dimensional plane allows one to see their life and their role within it with more clarity and ease. Inter-dimensional gifts are on offer. Be open and willing to receive.


‘I am open to receiving the gifts of me from beyond these realities’

Key themes:

Expansive awareness/ broader perspective

Clarity/ insight/ universal wisdom

Dimensions/ ascension/ pineal gland

Emotional/ behavioural disharmonies:

This is for those willing to choose another reality and rise above the personal stories that have kept them entrapped in their own limitations, anchoring into out dated versions of self.

Raw Materials:  Lapis lazuli, Uvoravite

Supporting Frequencies: Merkaba, Pegasus

Anointing Point:
Crown chakra

Dosage Amount: 5 drops per day under tongue. Can also be diluted in water, added to bath or placed on pulse points (back of wrist).