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Joy is an activation of the heart. It is not a mental state of being like positivity or happiness. Quite literally you feel joy in your heart. Somewhere in your world you have stopped seeing the magnificence of your world and creations. If feeling joy in your current reality feels limiting, start with nature. Look at nature with the wonder and curiosity of a child. Children be joy and they show us how to cultivate that in our own world. There is beauty all around and within you. Look a little closer and see how that starts to expand your world. There is a leading to and from the heart that is calling you. Find the wonder in your world again.


‘My heart expands and welcomes joy like an old friend’

‘I see the beauty all around me’

Key Themes:

Joy/ heart expansion

Beauty/ wonder

Rose medicine

Inner child/ Innocence

Emotional/ behavioural disharmonies:

This is for those feeling disconnected to life, a sense of a blocked heart and limited in their full experience of the expression of life.

Raw Materials: Rose

Supporting Frequencies: Venus, Pink

Anointing Point: Heart chakra

Dosage Amount: 5 drops per day under tongue. Can also be diluted in water, added to bath or placed on pulse points (back of wrist).