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Deepen your experience of sacred ceremony, connection to Self, unity consciousness; cycle and seasonal magick ...

The Wheel of Transformation invites you on a sacred journey to consciously rebirth yourself in deep connection with Mother Earth and connection to self.  As we gather together in ritual practice to celebrate the 8 holy festivals we honour both ourselves, the earth and stay in tune to the rhythmic cycles of life to flow through the key connective points of the year into expansion and growth.

 We are in a time of great change and remaining connected to the organic nature of life, helps you remain on the path most true for you as you dive deep within to the remembrance of self.

“The Wheel of Transformation” programme consists of 8 ceremonies inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year, and includes a bonus “The Alchemy of Prayer” training, and an integration ceremony at the end.  We will be working with Lemurian Ceremonial templates to honour this work at a planetary level.

The ceremonies will focus on stargate activations, deepening our relationship to the Mother of Creation, our connection to the Great Central Sun, realignment of the Divine Child within and experiencing elemental Dragon power.  This will be a mythical and magickal journey! 

Every 6 weeks, experience the opportunity to sit in sacred ceremony with a trained shamanic space holder and Kinesiologist on a beautiful property on the Mornington Peninsula. The gathering together through these times and with the land in sacred ceremony is such a potent contribution for self and the collective.

This is an opportunity to step into balance, inner unity and expanded consciousness.  Embodiment practices will be shared to support your spiritual work. Each anchor point on the wheel holds a key ascension mastery code and gateway, that will greatly assist with our energetic elevation. These keys will drive the theme for each ceremony. Embodiment of all the keys opens us to the magick of the infinity symbol within and connection to our Immortal Spirit .

Background information on each Sabbat will be shared and we will work with special curated ritual magick practices in each ceremony.  I am excited to channel the messages from the Wheel and Ceremonial Guardians, and from the Spirit Guides that will assist us in anchoring each key into our reality.

“At which indeed, when a man beholds the wheel, he highly marvels, and cannot at once in it’s turning learn to conceive and apprehend it. But the more he beholds the wheel the more he learns it’s form; and the more he learns the greater longing he has towards the wheel, for he continually sees something that is more and more wonderful, so that a man can neither behold nor learn it enough" Jacob Boehme (1575-1624) 

 "The Wheel of Transformation" will be led by a Welsh Dragon, a Chinese Dragon, Quetzalcoatl and the Rainbow Serpent to help us discover the mysteries of the Sun festivals, creation, alignment, Soul re-birth and so much more.

A powerful altar cloth (included in the Programme price) will be provided for the ceremonial work.  As a BONUS, there will be an additional training on “The Alchemy of Prayer”.

The programme is for everyone that wishes to deepen their connection to themselves, their inner world and cosmic cycles.  The commitment to show up for a full year will be a powerful anchor for the work you do in 2022/2023.

A daily sovereign prayer practice can assist you in feeling connected, centred, grounded and energetically stable.  It aligns your inner compass to your divinity and to Source Consciousness.  It opens up the pathways of love between our Spirit, Soul, Body and Heart.  By sovereign prayer is not outside of oneself, does not give our power away and does not open us up to energetic harvesting.  It was through this prayer that I have experienced a true etheric heart opening and deep love for All That I Am and All That Is. This type of prayer is tremendously healing and connecting – join me for a beautiful additional session as part of this programme. 

We will commence in March with the prayer session and open the Wheel of Transformation with an Equinox ceremony (this programme is for the southern hemisphere only).

A powerful altar cloth (valued at $122 and included in the programme price) will be provided for the ceremonial work, along with the Transformation essence trinity pack (valued at $111) to support you on your journey throughout this process.



The cost is $1,111 for the year including the beautiful and potent altar cloth, trinity essence pack + postage. You must commit for the full year journey.  Payment plans are available and incur a nominal fee.

This uniquely woven journey incorporates:

  • Alchemy of Prayer Training.  Stay in alignment with a daily sovereign prayer practice to remain on the path most true to you.

  • 8 Holy Day Ceremonies with esoteric background teachings.  Detailed teachings on the traditions and ritual practice associated with each of the holy festivals.

  • The Colour Rays.  You will be introduced to the Colour Rays in a unique format, which allows for their essence and healing to be applied to every area of your life.  If you are a healer or therapist, this will revolutionise your work.

  • A journey of the year through the Tarot Major Arcana.  Each holy ceremony we will journey with the key archetypes of the Tarot Major Arcana to support you through your practice.

  • Holy Day suggestions and journal prompts.  You will be given suggestions and practices to work with for each connective point of the year to integrate the ceremonies.

  • The 8 Extraordinary Meridians.  In traditional Chinese Medicine, the 8 extraordinary meridians represent the body's deepest level of energetic structuring.  They carry ancestral energy which corresponds to our genetic inheritance and are the first to form in utero.  They represent the very fabric of our soul and working with them during this journey will support our experience of the 8 holy days and in turn your journey with the 12 months of the year.

  • Closing Integration Circle.

Programme Enrolment

Allow 2.5 hours per session. 

The ceremonies will be held at 2:30pm Sunday Melbourne time (dates included below).
  • Mabon – Sunday 20th March 

  • Samhain – Sunday 8th May

  • Yule – Sunday 19th June

  • Imbolc – Sunday 7th August

  • Ostara – Sunday 25th September

  • Beltane – Sunday 6th November

  • Summer Solstice – Sunday 18th December

  • Lughnasdh – Sunday 5th February

Commitment is for the full year and there will be some pre work before each ceremony and you will be given optional suggestions to complete after each ceremony.

Deposit of $111.  Pay in full prior to 5th of March.

This work was created by Sharon Bolt (Shamanic Energy Training®, The Temple of Shamanic Magick®).

I have full training and permission to lead this container and infuse it with my own magick and embodied experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a payment plan?

    Yes.  Please contact me directly at 

    Do I have to commit for the year?

      YES.  Commitment for the full year will greatly assist you in aligning your energy to The Mother of Creation and Father Sun.  It will anchor ceremonial practice within your being.

      Do you provide support in between the ceremonies?

        Yes you can book an additional session with either myself or a trusted practitioner if you require integration/therapeutic assistance.  I will provide a list of people to choose from that can assist if required.  

        Do I need to buy anything?

          Yes.  Some ceremonies may require that you purchase a certain herb, I will give you plenty of notice. You may also have to source craft and things from nature.

          What is the time commitment?

            The minimum time commitment is attending the sessions, I highly recommend the post ritual work to get the most of this programme.

            Will I be interacting with other participants?

              This is an inner journey, however you will feel the power of the group and the support generated from gathering at this time.

              Can I run this programme after completion?

                No.  This is not a training.  

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