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This essence gives the gift of clarity and clear direction of the path forward that most serves you and your higher self. It clears the fog of confusion from self-limiting thoughts that block the inner knowing of truth. Sometimes we seek answers on the big picture wanting to know every detail before we safely venture onto the path. This is not required and only seeks to render us immobilised to take action. Clarity is best applied to each small step we take. Does this feel light, true for me and aligned with my purpose based in love? The rest unfolds through synchronised events in a way unimaginable to the conceived eye. Seek clarity on the present moment for any obstacle or question you face. Shining the light on your path towards creating the life you truly desire. Keep your vision clear and focus your attention on what is the best use of your time, resource and energy, igniting the pathways of inner knowing and directed purpose.


'My mind is clear, my heart is pure as I create my desires with clear directed purpose'.

Key Themes:

Life purpose/ passion


Focus/ clarity

Higher self/ inner knowing

Confusion/ overwhelm

Fear/ procrastination

Emotional/Behavioural Disharmonies:

For those feeling lost on their way with confusion on which direction to take, disconnected from their inner knowing, scattered thought processes, procrastination and self-limiting thoughts on seeing the bigger picture of the dreams they can achieve.

Raw Materials: Clary Sage, Rose, Clear quartz manifestation stone

Supporting Frequencies: Mary Magdalene, Angel of clarity, Flower of life, Ladybug

Anointing Point: Third eye

Dosage Amount: 5 drops per day under tongue. Can also be diluted in water, added to bath or placed on pulse points (back of wrist).