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Expansiveness - Ritual Pack

Expansiveness - Ritual Pack

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Expansive essence – 20 ml

Lapul lazuli crystal soap

Evolve essential oil roller – 10 ml

Nectarine and honey blossom candle


(*crystals may vary in size and shape as per availability)

The expansive ritual pack ignites the inner fire and brings you back into your empowerment from a space of truth. The fire element represents the season of summer when everything is in full expansion and bloom signifying abundant growth.

All products in this ritual pack work together to bring you back into your personal power and truth so that you can be the most expansive version of you.

These products are designed for you to use in any way that feels intuitive and connective for you. You will receive detailed descriptions on the healing properties of each product and how you can use them in your daily practice, along with a prayer that can bring forth the desired energies you seek.