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Deepen your experience of sacred ceremony, connection to self, unity consciousness, cycles and seasonal magick ...

The Wheel of Transformation invites you on a sacred journey to consciously rebirth yourself in deep connection with Mother Earth and her kingdoms and in turn connection to self.  As we gather together in ritual practice to celebrate the 8 holy festivals, we honour both ourselves, the earth and stay in tune to the rhythmic cycles of life to flow through the key connective points of the year into expansion and growth.

We are in a time of great change and remaining connected to the organic nature of life helps you remain on the path most true for you as you dive deep within to the remembrance of self. Alchemical change is a constant in life.  Look to nature how it evolves over and over again with no resistance or limitation.  We too continually shift and evolve, birthing our soul to new levels of consciousness.  When we connect to Mother earth and her Kingdoms, we attune to our higher self and come back into presence and the co-creative principles of unity consciousness.

The Wheel of Transformation is exactly that – a transformational process where you are at the steering ship spinning your own wheel. Consciously driving the change you wish to seek and praying your prayers into existence.

Connecting to the wheel of the year and the holy festivals anchors in the authentic lineages of these sacred days and how they connect to the great central sun from which we are born. As we tune into the ancient rituals of the sun that have been honoured since the depth of time, it connects us to our lineage, our organic timeline and our soul path. This unlocks ancestral remembrance and opens up the spark of divinity to flow through our descendants and into all areas of our life.  A truly beautiful process of connecting to the wisdom of our ancestors.

As we connect to this solar journey, it allows us to tune in to our purpose here on earth so that we can consciously walk our ascension path and connect once again to truly living and being present to all around us.  It provides an embodied connection with the earth so that all illusory play are seen for what they are, allowing you to come deep back into self to walk your own authentic path in true presence and grace. This opens the heart for a greater expansion for joy and fulfilment to flow through your life from a space of embodied connection.

These holy days are star gateways where the harmonics of the earth come into balance and offer us access to greater wisdom and expanded consciousness.  Embodiment practices will be shared to support your spiritual work, along with background information on each holy festival and it's true origins.

This journey is an invitation to come back to yourself and connect back in again to living and what truly matters. When you are the driving force of your wheel, all else comes back into rhythm.


Activating the divine spark within is our inherent birthright.

The Wheel of Transformation” program consists of 8 holy festival ceremonies inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year and an additional bonus “The Alchemy of Prayer” training, and an integration ceremony at the end.  There will also be seasonal prayer circles to support this process of transformation.

Every 6 weeks, experience the opportunity to sit in sacred ceremony with a trained shamanic space holder in a deeply held online container. The gathering together through these times and in sacred ceremony is such a potent contribution for self and the collective. It provides an opportunity for heart connection and communion with the divine.

The ceremonies will focus on deepening our relationship to the Mother of Creation, our ancestors, our connection to the Great Central Sun, realignment of the Divine Child within and experiencing elemental Dragon power.  Ceremony gifts us time to focus on our self and our spiritual aspect in a gentle, joyful and embodied way bringing you home to YOU.


 "The Wheel of Transformation" will be led by the Red Celtic Dragon, the White Asian Dragon, Quetzalcoatl and the Rainbow Serpent to help us discover the mysteries of the Sun festivals, creation, alignment, Soul re-birth and so much more.

The program is for everyone that wishes to deepen their connection to themselves, their inner world and cosmic cycles.  The commitment to show up for a full year will be a powerful anchor for the work you do in 2024/2025.

We will commence in July with the opening ceremony and ‘Alchemy of Prayer’ training and open the Wheel of Transformation at Imbolc on the 5th of August (this program is for the southern hemisphere only).

You will receive a powerful ceremony pack with ritual tools to support you on your journey throughout this process, along with the Transformation essence trinity pack.

This uniquely woven journey incorporates:

  • Alchemy of Prayer Training.  Stay in alignment with a daily sovereign prayer practice to remain on the path most true to you.
  • 8 Holy Day Ceremonies with esoteric background teachings.  Detailed teachings on the traditions and ritual practice associated with each of the holy festivals.
  • Prayer Circle. These four seasonal circles will be held to further anchor in your manifestation prayers and support you through this transformational process
  • The Colour Rays.  You will be introduced to the Colour Rays in a unique format with embodied rituals, which allows for their essence and healing to be applied to every area of your life.  If you are a healer or therapist, this will revolutionise your work.
  • A journey of the year through the Tarot Major Arcana.  Each holy ceremony we will journey with the key archetypes of the Tarot Major Arcana to support you through your practice and how they relate to our own inner transformation on our hero's journey through life.
  • Holy Day suggestions and journal prompts.  You will be given suggestions and practices to work with for each connective point of the year to integrate the ceremonies.
  • Closing Integration Circle.


Program Enrolment

Allow up to 2 hours per session.

The ceremonies will be held at 6:30pm Monday evenings AEST (dates included below). 

  • Alchemy of Prayer Opening Ceremony – Monday 22nd July
  • Imbolc - Monday 5th August
  • Winter Prayer Circle Monday 19th August
  • Ostara – Monday 23rd September
  • Beltane - Monday 28th October
  • Spring Prayer Circle 25th November
  • Summer Solstice - Monday 23rd December
  • Lughnasadh - Monday 3rd February
  • Summer Prayer Circle – Mon 24th February
  • Mabon - Monday 17th March
  • Samhain - Monday 28th April
  • Autumn Prayer Circle -19th May
  • Yule - Monday 16th June
  • Closing Integration Circle TBC

This solar journey is a commitment to show up to self for a full year cycle.  There will be some pre work before each ceremony and you will be given optional suggestions to complete after each ceremony. All ceremonies will be recorded for those that cannot attend the ceremony live.

This incredible body of work was created by Sharon Bolt (Shamanic Energy Training®, The Temple of Shamanic Magick®) with the Wheel of Ascension program.

I have full training and permission to lead this container and infuse it with my own ancestral magick and embodied experience This is my third year of running the Wheel of Transformation and every year I am humbled and in reverence of the pure potency of this program and the deepening this solar journey takes you to.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a payment plan?

Yes.  Please contact me directly at 

Do I have to commit for the year?

Yes.  Commitment for the full year will greatly assist you in aligning your energy to The Mother of Creation and Father Sun.  It will anchor ceremonial practice within your being.

Do you provide support in between the ceremonies?

Yes you can book an additional session with either myself or a trusted practitioner if you require integration/therapeutic assistance.  I will provide a list of people to choose from that can assist if required.  

Do I need to buy anything?

Yes.  Some ceremonies may require that you purchase a certain herb, I will give you plenty of notice. You may also have to source craft and things from nature.  I also offer a pack each ceremony for an additional price to save you from sourcing ingredients yourself.

What is the time commitment?

The minimum time commitment is attending the sessions, I highly recommend the post ritual work to get the most of this program and as with all spiritual paths, this is very much a unique and individual journey to you so how this looks can be different for everyone.

Will I be interacting with other participants?

This is an inner journey, however you will feel the power of the group and the support generated from gathering at this time.

Can I run this program after completion?

No.  This is not a training.  


Secure your place now

The cost is $2,222 for the year program including the ceremony pack + postage. You must commit for the full year journey.  

Payment plans of $185 per month for 12 months are available. Setup fee of $2 is charged on the first instalment.

Choose to pay up front and in full to receive a $222 discount. Total cost $2000.