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Eleventh Element Essences Services


I blend Kinesiology with other modalities and shamanic practices to support you and walk with you on the journey and remembrance of soul retrieval to reclaim the gifts and empower you back to your heart and own inner knowing. I work with the new frequencies available to bring about lasting change and transformation to help you live your life from a place of fulfilment and joy and to give you the tools to shed light on your journey back to self.

I work extensively with children on brain integration, learning, and
emotional issues and it is my passion to help families work through the interconnecting layers of energy that keep old paradigms in place. I very much believe in providing my clients with the tools and teachings to apply to their everyday life for their own empowerment.

Our bodies are hard-wired to store every thought, feeling, memory, and event through our subconscious thought programming. When we have a physical response and symptom, it is our conscious way of getting our attention to release the emotion and stress being held in the body. Through these journeys we are looking for the key triggers and anchors of old beliefs in your subconscious programming that are holding these in place, limiting you and your body from achieving your dreams.

My own spiritual journey and years of self-sabotage and playing small has led me down this path and study over the last 10 years in various modalities (Kinesiology, TBM, Medical Intuition, Shamanic Energy Training, Reiki, Access Bars). It is now my calling to provide these teachings and journeys through vibrational medicine to those looking to reconnect with their own divinity and empowerment.

Kinesiology/ Shamanic Vibrational Healing Session with included essence
(90 minutes)

This session is a deep dive into the remembrance of self as we unlock the keys in the body and sub conscious mind holding you back from your most empowered and true self. This will be held in a powerful Shamanic Medicine Wheel inviting in the guidance of higher consciousness & spirit for potent change. We will be using Kinesiology techniques, Shamanic tools, vibrational medicine & energy healing. This Medicine Wheel will be held within a Shamanic Kinesiology & Energy Training, White Dragon Lineage.

Within this session, we will work on aligning you with the frequencies you require to bring in and activate for a renewed sense of fulfilment and purpose and release anything blocking your path of growth and expansion. You will be given a vibrational essence to continue to support the energies of change as you process following the session.

Kinesiology/Vibrational Healing Session - Online and In Person
(60 minutes)

This session we will be working with ICPKP Kinesiology techniques and vibrational healing methods to determine imbalances in the body across all aspects of self - physical, biochemical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Unlocking within the body and sub conscious mind key barriers holding you back from empowered expansion and growth.

Within this session we will be looking at the whole being for greater understanding of the physical and emotional stress points. Through greater awareness comes healing on all levels to find ease and joy as we journey life’s path. 

Kinesiology/Vibrational Healing Session for Children 
(60 minutes)
Kinesiology is a great tool for children, babies, and people of all ages. I work extensively with children in brain integration to help them overcome learning difficulties and social disorders. It is highly beneficial to help with anxiety and emotional issues that so many of our children face in today’s society.
When working with babies and pre-schoolers we access the child’s energy system via the parent as a surrogate to find the awareness of the issues from an emotional and physical perspective. From the age of 5 years, we can continue the method of surrogating or work directly on the child. Children respond amazingly to the techniques and unlike adults who have layers of engrained belief systems built-in, removing obstacles at a young age can greatly benefit their behaviour and what experiences they choose to create in life. I work with a combination of training in specialised brain pathways through Kinesiology, Primitive Reflexes, and Rhythmic Movement.

Vibrational Healing Journeys…
These are directed intentional journeys of transformation working with the essences as keys to unlock the subconscious programming and worked within sessions to uncover the core soul wounding and blocks for you to reclaim your true self.
You will receive three vibrational essences and three soul discovery sessions every three weeks that will be taken over a nine-week period.
Cost - $555
*Payment options available

This takes you on a journey of soul retrieval and reclamation of self. This is for those that have reached the point of their journey where it is a conscious decision and command of self to let go of all the old stories and timelines that continue to keep you small and render you powerless and claim back the gift of self as you reconcile the fragmented pieces of self. This is for those willing to do a deep dive into the dark recesses of the soul to shine a light on all that may be hidden, including the unclaimed gifts.
This program will be working with the essences Individuation, Reconciliation, and Unification as keys to merge the whole by looking at some of the below key issues…
- Ancestral belief systems/ repeating issues
- Childhood trauma/ patterns
- Inner child healing
- Karmic contracts/debts
- Vows/ curses
- Mother/Father wound
- Past, held hurts
- Secrets kept hidden/buried
- Healing of ancestral guilt
- Guilt, shame, and regret
- Reconciling with the divine feminine/masculine
- Uniting with the whole self
- Past life exploration
- Persecution wounds
- Higher self-alignment/activation
- Reclaiming hidden gifts/ potency

This takes you on a journey of change and transformation flowing into expansion and re-birth. We are in a time of great change and so too are we evolving. This helps you work through change whether that be an external change in your life or a deep journey of growth within. As we go through the process of change and unrest within our soul and the vulnerability this presents, strength and faith are called upon as our saviour. It may be a change you wish to bring forth in your life or one you are already in.
This program will be working with the essences Empowerment, Trust, and Rebirth as keys to help you activate your faith and a higher perspective to remain true to your path. Within this, we will be looking at key themes such as…
- Personal power activation
- Inner child healing
- Trust issues
- Soul Initiations
- Past life exploration
- Timeline healing
- Uniting with the whole self
- Higher self embodiment
- Dimensional body activation

This program brings you back into alignment with your higher self and activates the new frequencies bringing you further into the full expression of self. At a time where we are all being asked to step up and anchor the new earth ascension into this reality, where are you being called to rise above the perceived limitations of this reality’s version of you and claim your divine sovereignty through higher self embodiment and activation of your own personal power? It is now your free will choice to step into self-mastery by activating the ancient codes within and open to the new codes and frequencies now available to us all. In this program we will be working with the essences – Expansion, Alignment, and Integration and covering some or all of the following key areas….
- Higher self embodiment
- Soul reconciliation/ timeline healing
- Integration of new energies
- Unity wholeness
- Persecution wounds
- Self-mastery
- Past life exploration/ healing
- Integrating personal power, life force energy
- Chakra atunement / activation
- Dimensional body integration
- Channelled message and frequency codes
- Clarity on inner vision/ purpose
- Spirit team compatibility and support