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This essence is part of a trinity pack that helps activate the new frequencies bringing you further into the full expression of self. Alignment is staying true to your path and aligning yourself with the highest frequency of consciousness to stay on purpose where action and synchronicity meet. Not allowing yourself to be distracted by thoughts, beliefs and doubts that allow fear into your heart.

Staying in the present moment of joy to fuel the fire in your belly for creativity to flourish. Releasing yourself from toxic people, behaviours and habits to stay in alignment with your higher self. Where are you focusing your attention? What fuel are you using as your energy source to stoke the fires within?



'I align and embody my higher self with every action I take'


Key Themes:

Embodiment of higher self

Alignment/ purpose

Creativity/ passion

Detachment from toxicity

Inertia/ apathy


Emotional/Behavioural Disharmonies:

This is for those feeling disconnected to their path and way forward, seeking clarity on direction within their life or further activation and embodiment of their higher self. Fear and doubt present and affecting their deep inner faith to be intuitively led by the heart.


Raw Materials: Carnelian, Angel quartz

Supporting Frequencies: Angel of Alignment, Order of Magdalena

Anointing Point: Sacral chakra