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This essence is part of a trinity pack that helps activate the new frequencies bringing you further into the full expression of self. 

As we shift into a new era and a different way of being there can be challenges faced as we bridge dimensions of realities.

There is a feeling of fragmentation both within our energetic and physical body as parts of us try to anchor into the third dimensional reality we have always known. Part of the collective shift is a re-structuring of our physical body as we take in coded light frequencies and try to ground them into our lower chakras and earth’s energies. This essence offers ease of integration for both our place within the collective process but also with our own self, integrating the feminine and masculine qualities within. This aids in the process of working through the discomfort of change into fertility and growth, leaving the past and the density of physicality behind. It beckons a new you and a remembering of the sovereign being you have always been. You are the gift this planet is calling for.


‘My body and mind welcomes new frequencies and energies with ease’

“As a sovereign being, I connect and bring forth my star essence to integrate change for all’

Key Themes:

Integrating new energies/ frequencies

Holding frequency and grounding into lower chakras

Leaving the past and density of physicality

Integrating feminine/ masculine within

DNA fragmentation, physical ascension discomfort 

Emotional/ Behavioural Disharmonies:

This is for those learning to bridge realities and in doing so feeling the affects of all dimensions and the physical discomfort it brings as we facilitate more light. Learning how to exist within both worlds and integrate all within our physical – feminine/ masculine and light/dark bringing a sense of energetic overwhelm to both the body and mind, can look like energetic and emotional see sawing.

Raw Materials: Smoky quartz, Howlite, Selenite

Supporting Frequencies: Hathor, Merkaba, Galactic meridian

Anointing Point: Crown chakra

Dosage Amount: 5 drops per day under tongue. Can also be diluted in water, added to bath or placed on pulse points (back of wrist).